ZMorph 2.0S Refurbished Set

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ZMorph 2.0S是適用於大部份個人、業務或學校3D打印用途的多功能3D打印機。它支援所有常用的3D打印材料,打印精度最高可達25微米並提供了同級桌面打印機中最大的打印範圍。獨特的可換式工具頭設計,讓用家可以根據需要選配工具頭增添如雙材料打印、食物打印、CNC及激光切割等功能。

ZMorph 2.0S Refurbished Set包括了以下內容:

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ZMorph 2.0S Multi-tool 3D Printer is suitable for most personal, business and schools’ 3D printing needs. It supports commonly used materials and can print at a minimum layer height of 25 microns. It’s working volume is one of the largest amongst different desktop printers and with its unique removable toolhead design, you can purchase additional toolheads later to expand its capabilities.

ZMorph 2.0S Refurbished Set contains the following

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